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Foshan Jinyuan Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 3, Jiye Road, Song'gang'song'xia Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.

Tel.: +86-757-85607796

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Founded in 2007 with over 10 years experience, we have the experience necessary for the production and sales of environmentally friendly insulated building materials, aided by a professional and dedicated team of customer technical support staff.

Pre-sales Service

The first step for customers interested in our building sandwich panels and roofing sheets, is the introduction of each of our panels by our staff. They will then recommend the best choice based on your specific requirements. Before production begins, we need to know the specifications, colors and shapes required. If the customer doesn't have that information, we need to know the parameters of the building, or be provided with a design drawing. Finally, we will present the best possible scheme, and will begin production after receiving confirmation. We can also carry out OEM service.

During Sales Service

We have plenty of storage space for standard building panels, and on average, can deliver standard panels to the customer within 7 business days. For non-standard products, the production cycle is extended based on customer needs. Before mass production, we can send a free sample to the customer's location for trial usage. The customer need only pay for shipping.

After-sales Service

Installation of our insulated building panels is easy. After brief instructions, the operator can finish installation work with the assistance of a couple more people. If needed, we will provide more instructions and explanations.