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    1. EPS Sandwich Panel
      EPS roofing panels (polyurethane sandwich roof panels) are composed of 2 layers of colored steel sheets with a polystyrene foam injected between the sheets to act as insulation material. Both sides of the sandwich panel are made of galvanized stainless steel and aluminum steel sheets with an EPS foam core
    1. Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel
      Excellent fireproof performance: The panel is produced using special raw materials, production processes and advanced machinery, giving it its outstanding fire resistant performance. Tests have determined it is resistant to temperatures of more than 1000 °C.
    1. Glass Wool Sandwich Panel
      Sandwich panels with glass wool cores are widely used in industrial plants, warehouse, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping centers, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports grounds and other buildings. They feature energy saving insulation, sound control and improve the indoor air quality.
    1. MGO Sandwich Panel
      Magnesium oxide core panels are widely used in indoor and outdoor boards for factories, combined house and indoor partitions (with added fire resistance and thermal insulation), and interior decoration for buildings in the medical, electronics, biological research, food and beverage industries.
    1. MOS Sandwich Panel
      Deformation resistant: Two sides of magnesium oxide(MOS)sandwich panels are formed separately in the mold. So the part that used less glue deform less after pressure and thermal expansion or contraction, whose bearing capacity is twice of hollow glass magnesium color steel sandwich panels.
    1. Phenolic Insulated Panel
      Noncombustible material
      Excellent thermal insulation
      Phenolic resin core sandwich panels are often used in factories, cleaning workshops, offices, spray painting rooms, cold rooms, room partitions, homes, stadiums and more.
    1. PU Sandwich Panel
      Heat insulation and sound proof
      PU core sandwich panels are widely used in steel houses, suburban and urban housing, daycare buildings, commercial buildings, old structure remodeling, warehouses, workshops, air ports, cold storage and mobile homes.
    1. XPS Sandwich Panel
      Beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistant performance. Panels are attached with a fastening screw, so they can endure high temperature expansion. High hardness, good thermal insulated capacity, easy to cut, high quality environmental protection, and a long service life
    1. Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
      It is produced by special raw materials, production process and advanced mmachine. It has good fireproof performance. Experiments show that, it's fireproof ability is more than 1000 °C. Thermal conductivity of rock wool is 0.043W/ m2 K.
    1. Insulated Roof Panel
      Insulated roof panel consist of three layers. The first one is metal, the middle one is foam, and the last one is tin foil or PU paper. That is to say when it is used, you can stick the bottom layer of this roof panel to the origin steel structure and roof to make a better insulation effect.
    1. Coated Steel Roofing Sheet
      Heating insulation
      Long life span: more than 15 years
      Construction: prefabricated house, steel house, mobile house, modular house
    1. ASA Roof Tile
      The surface material is ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic, which ensures surface color will not faded in 10 years. Tests have proven that a 1Kg steel ball can drop on the tile from 3 meters high, and it will still not crack. Therefore, these tiles are resistant to being dropped and hail.
    1. FRP Roof Sheet
      The light transmission ranges from 30 to 805%. The light waves coming through the FRP sheets will scatter, offering a soft light that does not glare and provides for comfortable indoor lighting. The strengthening fiber glass materials criss-cross the structure of FRP light sheet, which helps to improve the impact resistance of FRP sheet.
    1. C-Channel Steel
      C-channel steel is widely used in steel warehouse purlins, wall beams, house shelves, brackets, light warehouse pillars, purlins and beams.

Jinyuan is a specialized sandwich panel and coated steel sheet manufacturer, mainly provides flameproof and insulated panels and roofing sheet, insulated panels using materials of expanded polystyrene foam, mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene foam, etc. And coated steel sheets can be used as covers for expanded polystyrene sandwich panel, mineral wool sandwich panel, glass wool sandwich panel, polyurethane sandwich panel and so on. Custom solutions are available, please let us know you needs about panel and sheet sizes, our company can provide wide range of insulated wall panels and roofing sheets for steel structure buildings, steel structure workshops, cleanrooms, partition rooms, cold rooms, modular buildings and floor decking.