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Based on customer requirements, we choose the proper steel materials and core materials to meet their needs.

  • Steel roll
  • Foam
  • Foam
  • Stone wool

We have established six corrugated steel sheet production lines used to produce roofing panels in a variety of shapes and colors, based on what customers need. Each line is capable of automatic cutting, and produces 500 meters of metal sheets each hour. Finished corrugated steel roofing sheets are extensively used in industrial plants, portable buildings, marketplaces and more.

  • Galvanized steel roll
  • Pressing
  • Pressed galvanized steel
  • Production line
  • Production line
  • Cut galvanized steel
  • Galvanized corrugated steel sheet
  • White color steel roll
  • Finished roofing panel discharging
  • Finished roofing panel discharging
  • Blue color steel roll
  • Finished roofing panel discharging

There are a total of 11 sandwich panel production lines in our manufacturing workshop. None of them require any adjustment, and offer both an extremely high efficiency and good quality. They are used primarily to produce sandwich panels with different cores, including foam, mineral wool, glass wool, magnesium oxide, PS, PU, and phenolic resin.

  • Foam
  • Pressing
  • Foam and iron sheet are pressed closely
  • Gluing

This fully automatic production line significantly improves the efficiency of the finished foam sandwich panels. These panels are most often used in industrial plants, portable dwellings, clean rooms and more.

  • Discharging
  • Finished foam sandwich panel
  • Detail

The newly developed insulated sandwich panel production line features an automatic cutting function, and guarantees product precision. Panels produced on this line primarily feature a glass wool or mineral wool core.

  • Glass wool
  • Production line
  • Pressing
  • Automatic cutting
  • Finished sandwich panel with glass wool core

Finished products are stored in the warehouse. All sandwich panel edges are sealed for water resistance.

We promise to deliver the right products the first time, and on time.


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