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Roofing Sheets & Structural Steel

    1. Coated Steel Roofing Sheet
      Heating insulation
      Long life span: more than 15 years
      Construction: prefabricated house, steel house, mobile house, modular house
    1. ASA Roof Tile
      The surface material is ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic, which ensures surface color will not faded in 10 years. Tests have proven that a 1Kg steel ball can drop on the tile from 3 meters high, and it will still not crack. Therefore, these tiles are resistant to being dropped and hail.
    1. FRP Roof Sheet
      The light transmission ranges from 30 to 805%. The light waves coming through the FRP sheets will scatter, offering a soft light that does not glare and provides for comfortable indoor lighting. The strengthening fiber glass materials criss-cross the structure of FRP light sheet, which helps to improve the impact resistance of FRP sheet.
    1. C-Channel Steel
      C-channel steel is widely used in steel warehouse purlins, wall beams, house shelves, brackets, light warehouse pillars, purlins and beams.

For covering of sandwich panels, there are coated corrugated steel sheets with a wide range of color selections for customers to choose. Besides insulated building wall panels, Jinyuan also provide ASA roof tiles, fiber reinforced plastic roofing sheets and steelstructure like channel steel for clients. As a well-qualified insulated metal wall panel and roofing sheet manufacturer, our company provide cut to length products, if you have specific requirements about insulated panel and corrugated roofing sheets, please tell us your size, we will make our effort to satisfy your needs.