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XPS Sandwich Panel (Extruded Polystyrene Insulated Panel)

XPS, full name of Extruded Polystyrene, XPS core sandwich panels are widely used as indoor and outdoor partitions for steel structure buildings and concrete buildings, new construction buildings, additions or renovation of buildings.

Specifications of XPS sandwich panel

Item Parameters
Wall Panel Effective Width 1150MM/950MM
Roof Panel Effective Width 1050MM /960MM
Panel Length Can be customized
Panel Structure Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet Middle Layer: XPS board
XPS Density
Thickness of color steel sheet 0.3-0.8MM
XPS Thickness
Steel Sheet Colors Blue, white or according to your requirements
Dimensional stability: ≤1.0
Thermal conductivity 0.028 w/mk
Oxygen index 28
Compressive strength 150kpa to 900kpa
Water absorption ≤0.3%

Characteristics of XPS sandwich panel

1. Excellent waterproof performance
2. Beautiful appearance and excellent corrosion resistant performance. Panels are attached with a fastening screw, so they can endure high temperature expansion.
3. High hardness, good thermal insulated capacity, easy to cut, high quality environmental protection, and a long service life

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Sandwich panel also known as structural insulated panel, this XPS sandwich panels are made of galvanized steel sheets with an extruded polystyrene wool foam core. If you have specific needs about XPS insulated panels, please tell us the size and the steel sheet color and shape, and our company can provide custom panel solutions for you.

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