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Magnesium Oxide(MOS )Sandwich Panel

Main characteristics

Effective width: 1150mm
Thickness: 50mm—150mm
Length: It can be customized and it is usually not longer than 6000mm.
Core material: Magnesium oxychloride color steel sandwich panel
Installation structure: Tongue and groove joint


1. Deformation resistant: Two sides of magnesium oxide(MOS)sandwich panels are formed separately in the mold. So the part that used less glue deform less after pressure and thermal expansion or contraction, whose bearing capacity is twice of hollow glass magnesium color steel sandwich panels.
2. Moisture resistance: MOS panel is stable, and it will not be affected by the rainy or moist weather. It also won’t deform if soaking in the water, and will not corrode aluminum material, rivet and steel plate.
3. Fire resistance: The thermal conductivity of MOS panel is low. Even when some parts meet thousands temperature, the back will never heat. The burnt section will expand rather than produce smoke.
4. Flatness: The flatness of MOS panels is good, whose mistake is within 0.1mm, which is much better than others.
5. Durable: Magnesium oxsulfide molecule is stable and anti-aging, whose lifetime is more than 20 years.

Project we made

Products used: 500mm magnesium oxide(MOS)sandwich panels
Specifications: 15000m2

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