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MGO Sandwich Panel (Magnesium Oxide Insulated Panel)

Magnesium oxide core sandwich panels are widely used as indoor and outdoor boards for factory building, combined container house and indoor partitions with high level in flame resistance and thermal insulation, and also used as interior decoration panels for buildings in the medical buildings, electrical buildings, biological research buildings, food and beverage buildings.


Item Parameters
Effective Sandwich Panel Panel Length 1150MM
Length Can be customized
Structure Upper and lower layer: steel sheet Middle: Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Oxide Material Weight 2 2 KG/M2
Thermal conductivity 0.051W/(m.k)
Thermal insulation 0.9kcalm2/h/c
Color steel sheet thickness 0.3-0.8MM
Thickness of MGO 50 MM-250MM
Colors Blue, white or according to your requirements

Dimension Example of MGO Sandwich Panel


1. Long flame resistance time: More than 67 minutes.
2. MGO Panel with good weather resistance
3. Easy and quick assembly of each sandwich panel by using connection channel and screws.
4. Magnesium Oxide core sandwich panel is pre-made in the factory, it can be cut in custom need size, so it is environmental friendly because of there will be no construction waste during  installation.
5. All of the sandwich panels are made from colored galvanized sheets and foam cores, with rust and corrosion resistance and use time can be lasted for more than 20 years.

Aluminium Profile for MGO Sandwich Panel Installation

Aluminium Profile

Sandwich panel also known as structural insulated panel, this magnesium oxide sandwich panels made of galvanized steel sheets with an insulated MGO foam core, can be provided in accordance to the required thickness, length, foam core material. If you have specific needs for MGO insulated panels and corrugated sheets, please tell us the size and the color of steel sheets, our company will provide custom solutions for you.

Project we made

Name: 500mm magnesium oxide core sandwich panel
Quantities: 15000m2

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