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Glass Wool Insulated Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels with glass wool cores are widely used in industrial factories, steel structure warehouse, public facilities, modular exhibition centers, prefab shopping centers, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports grounds and other steel structure buildings. These insulated panels feature energy saving insulation, sound control and improve the indoor air quality.

Specifications of Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

Item Data
Glass Wool Wall Panel Effective Width Panels 1150MM/950MM
Glass Wool Roof Panel Effective Width 960mm
Panel Length Can be customized
Panel Structure Upper and lower layer: steel sheet Middle Layer: Glass Wool
Density of Glass Wool 32-96KG/M3
Thickness of color steel sheet 0.3-0.8MM
Thickness of Glass Wool 50 MM-250MM
Colors Blue, white or according to your requirements

Glass Wool Fiber Parameters

Average fiber diameter µm 5-8 GB/T 5480.4-1985

Water content



GB/T 3007-1982

Grade of combustibility

Non-combustible Grade A

GB 8624-1997

Reshrinking temp



GB/T 11835-1998

Thermal conductibility



GB/T 10294-1988




GB/T 10299-1988

Moisture rate



GB/T 16401-1986

Sound absorption coefficient

1.03 product reverberation method 24kg/m32000HZ

GBJ 47-83

Slag inclusion content



Sandwich Panel Characteristics

1. Excellent heat insulation with glass wool core
2. Grade-A flameproof and the highest possible grade
3. Lightweight and easy installation

Glass Wool Sandwich Panel Examples

Sandwich panel also known as structural insulated panel, this glass wool sandwich panels are made of galvanized steel sheets with an insulated glass wool foam core. Our sandwich panels have features like lightweight and good heat insulation, applied as wall and roof panels. If you have specific needs about glass wool panels, please tell us the size and the color or shape of covered steel sheets, and our company can provide custom insulated panel solutions for you.

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