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Mineral Wool, Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Mineral wool, is also called as rock wool or mineral fiber, and the rock wool core sandwich panel is widely used in steel structure factory buildings, steel structure workshops, clean rooms, prefab office buildings, or applied as room partitions, modular villa and stadium wall panels.

Specifications of Rock wool Sandwich Panel

Item Parameters
Mineral Wool Wall Panel Effective Width
Mineral Wool Roof Panel Effective Width
960 MM/1050MM
Panel Length Can be customized
Sandwich Panel Structure Upper and lower layer: steel sheet Middle layer: Rock wool / Mineral Wool
Mineral Wool Density
50 - 300 KG/M3
Color steel sheet thickness
Rock Wool Thickness
50 MM-250MM
Colors Blue, white or according to your requirements

Parameters of Mineral Fiber

Fiber Diameter ≤ 6.5 um
Shot Content ≤ 10.0% ( particle diameter≥ 0.25mm)
Density Tolerance ±5%
Water repellence ≥ 98
Water absorption ≤ 2
Moisture Aborption ≤ 0.5%
Combusion Property Non-combustible (A class)
Organic material ≤ 4.0%
PH Neutral, 7.0 ~ 8.0
Tensile strength 220 kPa
Compression strength 105 kPa

Working environment of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Service temperature(°C) ≤600 °C
Thermal conductivity: W/m.K(kcal/m.h.°C)
100 °C 0.043~0.037 0.042~0.036 0.041~0.035 0.040~0.034
200 °C 0.061~0.052 0.057~0.049 0.057~0.049 0.054~0.046
300 °C 0.086~0.075 0.077~0.066 0.073~0.063 0.070~0.060
400 °C 0.123~0.106 0.099~0.085 0.095~0.082 0.089~0.077

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Examples

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Dimension Examples

Aluminium Profile for Sandwich Panel Installation


1. Excellent fireproof performance: The panel is produced using special raw materials, production processes and advanced machinery, giving it its outstanding fire resistant performance. Tests have determined it is resistant to temperatures of more than 1000 °C.
2. Good thermal insulation: Thermal conductivity of rock wool is 0.043W/ m·K.
3. Sound insulation: Rock wool sandwich panels have a significant effect on the reduction of noise transmission, especially in places at or near airports or other areas where planes are a common occurrence. In addition, they can reduce the sound and impact of rain and hail.

Our company can provide custom sandwich panels, with examples as follows:

  • Rock Wool Sandwich Roof Panel
  • Rock Wool Sandwich Wall Panel
  • EPS Sandwich Roof Panel
  • EPS Sandwich Wall Panel
  • Glass Wool Sandwich Roof Panel
  • Glass Wool Sandwich Wall Panel
  • MGO Sandwich Wall Panel
  • PU Sandwich Wall Panel

Mineral wool sandwich panel also known as structural insulated panel, as both sides of the sandwich panel are made of galvanized steel sheets with a mineral wool foam core. The insulated sandwich panels listed above are some of the examples we have made, and if you have specific needs about rock wool panel size, please tell us your demands, and we can provide custom wall and roof panel solutions for you.

Project we made

Name: 50mm mineral wool sandwich board
Quantities: 20000m2

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