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EPS Sandwich Panel (Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Panel)

EPS panels, also known as expanded polyurethane sandwich panels, composed of 2 layers of colored steel sheets with a polystyrene foam injected between the sheets, and polyurethane acting as insulation material.


EPS sandwich panel is widely used as wall panels for steel structure factory buildings, steel structure workshops, clean rooms, prefabricated office buildings, room partitions, modular villas, stadiums and more.

Specifications of EPS Sandwich Panel

Item Parameters
EPS Wall Panel Effective Width 1150MM/950MM
EPS Roof Panel Effective Width 1050MM/840MM
EPS Panel Length Can be customized
Panel Structure Upper and lower layer: Color steel sheet Middle layer: Insulated EPS foam board
EPS Density 8-25KG/M3
Steel Sheet Thickness 0.3-0.8MM
EPS Thickness 30 MM-250MM
Colors Blue, white or according to your requirements

EPS Sandwich Panel Examples

Accesories for the Roof Panel

Sandwich Panel Dimensions

Sandwich panel also known as structural insulated panel, as both sides of the sandwich panel are made of galvanized stainless steel and aluminum steel sheets with an EPS foam core. The steel is pressed using an automated continuous molding machine to form corrugated sheet, and binds two sheets together with polystyrene using a high strength adhesive bonding agent. Our sandwich panels have features like lightweight and good heat insulation, applied as wall and roof panels easy to install and remove. The sandwich panels listed above are some of the examples we have made, and if you have specific needs about EPS panel size and covered steel sheets, please tell us your needs, and we can provide custom wall and roof panel solutions for you.

Project we made

Construction site activity board
Name: EPS sandwich panel
Quantities: 20000m2

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