ASA Roof Tile (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate)

  •  ASA Roof Tile
  • ①finish coating
  • ②primer coating
  • ③conversion coating
  • ④zinc coating
  • ⑤base metal
  • ⑥zinc coating
  • ⑦conversion coating
  • ⑧primer coating
  • ⑨finish coating

ASA roof tile, full name of Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate, primarily used in flat to sloping roof conversion, old house renovation material, mobile house, prefabricated Villa roofing, tourist areas, and more.

Specifications of ASA Roof Tile

Thickness:2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Length: customized according to the times of pitch
Width: 1050mm, 720mm
Wave spacing: 160mm
Wave height: 30mm
Pitch: 219mm
Color: Purplish red, Bright red, Brick red, Orange, Blue, Gray, Dark, Green, Golden

Feature of ASA Roof tile

1. Lasting beautiful color: The surface material is ASA high weather resistant engineering plastic, which ensures surface color will not faded in 10 years.
2. Excellent corrosive resistance: These tiles are suitable for use in corrosive workshops, acid-rain prone areas, and coastal areas.
3. Excellent weather resistant performance
4. Good sound insulation: Noise will be 30DB lower than color steel tile
5. Excellent waterproof performance
6. Good fire resistance: Fireproofing performance ≥ class B1
7. Excellent heat preservation and heat insulation: 2-3°C lower than steel tile.
8. Good impact resistance: Tests have proven that a 1Kg steel ball can drop on the tile from 3 meters high, and it will still not crack. Therefore, these tiles are resistant to being dropped and hail.
9. Excellent insulation: It is safer to use these tiles in sunnier area over metal tiles.
10. Green and environment friendly: The resin tiles do not contain asbestos or radioactive elements, and are recyclable. This ensures they fully meet environmental protection standards.
11. Easy to install: Light weight. It is easy to load and unload. (It needs 4-6 sets of waterproof accessories per square meter)

Application of ASA Roof Tile

Besides ASA roof tiles, our company also provide color coated steel sheet as roofing sheets, together with sandwich panels with insulation cores made of expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrenes, rock wool, glass wool sandwich panels, polyurethane and phenolic material. Custom solutions are available, please tell us the size as well as sheet and tile colors,our company can provide cut to size products in client needs.

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