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Coated Steel Roofing Sheet ( Used as Covering for EPS Panel, PU Panel, XPS Panel, Mineral Wool Panel, Glass Wool Panel)

Application of Corrugated Steel Sheet

1. Steel sheet for building construction: prefabricated house, steel house, mobile house, modular house
2. Steel sheet for container manufacturing
3. Steel sheet for factories and warehouses


Product Name Corrugated steel roofing sheet
Base Material Galvanized Steel,Galvalume Steel, stainless steel and PPGI
Standard AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS, etc
Grade SGCC, DX51D, DX53D, DX54D, etc
Sheet Thickness 0.12-0.8mm
Effective Sheet Width 600-1025mm
Sheet Length 1000-11900mm
Zinc Coating 30g/m2-180g/m2
Spangle Zero, Minimum, Regular, Big
Temper 1,Full hard (95HRB;G500-G550)
2,commercial quality (70HRB;G300-G350)
Dry, chromate ,skin passed or nonskin passed, tension level, shining.
Spangle State regular spangle, small spangle, big spangle, non-spangle and colors
Packing Details waterproof paper+edge protector or iron packing+bundling , or as per customers request.
Application Roofing sheet is used as the steel structure housing panel, a mobile home panels etc.

There are colors with wide range of collections for steel sheets. There are color items including 006, 101, 211, 319, 009, 203, 306 , 402, 404, 413, 505, 512, 407, 501, 509, 518, 611, 804, 859, 800, 614, 807, 200, 898. Please tell us the color number you need and we can provide custom roofing sheets for you.


1. Weather Resistant
2. Fireproof
3. Rust resistant
4. Used as covers for heat insulation and sound insulation sandwich panels.
5. Long life span: more than 15 years


1. Low foundation cost
2. Easy construction
3. Time saving
4. Labor Saving

Coated steel sheet, also called as color corrugated steel sheet, used as cover for sandwich panels or as roofing sheets. This color coated steel sheet can be applied to use in EPS and XPS sandwich panels, rock wool and glass wool sandwich panels, PU and MGO sandwich panels. If you have specific needs about sandwich panel size and steel sheet colors, please tell us your needs and our company can provide custom solutions for you.

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